Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business there are several things to consider, especially in today’s digital age.

We at Outdoorsman Media Group have developed some very effective social media marketing packages that consistently produces excellent results.

These packages use a multi-tiered process, that will get you higher rankings in the search engines and promote your company through our social networks as well.

The end result spells more sales or more trips booked! 

Getting the most out of your marketing dollars is important, and social media has proven to produce real results.

OMG’s Social media marketing for the sports fishing industry.

Outdoorsman Media Group’s Social media marketing is an affordable and effective way to promote your outdoor industry business. The example below is one of the typical posts that we share across Facebook through our Facebook media outlets.


Our post reached 6296 people within our Facebook network. This network consists of fishing enthusiast that follow our Facebook fishing pages, are members of our Facebook fishing groups, or are members of affiliate fishing groups.

If you pay Facebook through their ad manager this one post would cost between $100 through $300


Our annual social media marketing packages start anywhere from $100 to $600 per year.

Our base package, we allow sponsors to promote their business in our network of Facebook fishing groups.

Our premium packages, we do it for you!  We post on our client’s behalf once a week for a total of four posts per month, reaching between,

24,000 to 48,000 fishing enthusiasts.

Annual estimated reach 288,000 to 576,000 fishing enthusiasts.