Guest Posting

Guest Posting or Sponsored articles have become one of the most effective ways to build your brand as well as create quality links to your website.

Our sponsored post packages are among the most affordable in the industry. Why? Because for us it’s a win! win! You see you provide us with quality content for our sites and we in return provide access to your content to the millions of visitors that come to our site every year.

Best of all, when we post your sponsored article it’s basically a permanent post on our site. We do however reserve the right to remove any post that is accepted in the event, for example, it becomes critical that we free up space on our servers, it is found that a post infringes on a copyright or violates the law or as a result of a catastrophic event that destroys our servers such as a fir, or some other unforeseen act of nature. However, if we are able to avoid such events we guarantee at a minimum your sponsored post will be displayed for a year.


Note: Be aware that even if we have accepted payment for your sponsored posts through our payment system, that doesn’t necessarily mean your post will be accepted. We require that all sponsored post be relevant to the content on our sites. We also require a minimum of 300 words, at least one photo and will allow a maximum of two links from the article to your websites.

When you order our sponsored post service, in the unlikely event it is rejected, your payment will be refunded. For the benefit of our sponsors and our readers, we feel it’s important to ensure that we are providing quality content that will benefit the readership and our clients.

If you would like to sponsor an article on one of our hunting and fishing website’s, order now and we will ensure your brand will reach the people most likely to buy your products or services.